Youtube CENSORS Strike Again: Google Exposé SHUT DOWN after it goes Viral

Project Veritas released one of their biggest undercover operations to date and as expected the Youtube Censors went to work after it went VIRAL.

The Project Veritas VIDEO showed a senior employee at the company appearing to admit that the company plans to interfere in the next presidential election to stop Donald Trump.

The Exposé that is still available on the Project Veritas website was taken down hours after it was published on Youtube, Youtube Claims that the video was taken down over a Privacy complaint meaning the Senior Executive from Google complained that their image was used without their permission.  As you can see

Youtube Shuts down PV Video

Project Veritas founder James O’keefe took to Twitter to let their viewers know what had Happened

This is NOT the first time YouTube and Google have used the “Privacy” loophole to take down a video exposing the truth. The tech giant used the same Excuse when taking down a video about one of Veritas’ earlier stories, about anti-Christian bias at image platform Pinterest.

If you would Like more of a back Story on the Google Expose you can watch it Here:

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  1. When I opened Breitbart, I got the message: video cancelled. Fortunately, I had seen it already because I am subscribed to Project Veritas. Also, thankfully, I am subscribed to Golden State Times AND Golden State Times Newsroom. Stay strong, Gent. You are NOT alone.

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