Young Boy Attacked on School Bus for Supporting Trump

A Hamilton County, Florida Young boy was attacked on his way home while on the School bus by a group of 5 males and females for voicing his support of President Donald J Trump,

According to the victim, all the assailants were older and their Violant attack was perpetrated because he chose to wear clothing showing his support of President Trump.

This is what the Attorney of the Child had to say on Twitter:


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  1. So crul and agressif wath is rong with this kids, i am schokt.
    Face blokt my so i cant share but i pray for the boy.
    This is wath the democrats are doing for the worl. they creat those kids.

  2. So sad but that’s what the Democrats are fomenting and creating!!
    The new generation of intolerable Democrats. If you don’t agree with them, they’ll kill you if necessary.
    Great job DemonRats!!

  3. This should outrage “ALL AMERICANS” . And should never ever happen to “ANYONE” “EVER AGAIN”. Law enforcement will protect Rapists and Murders but our Children and Elderly are being beaten down “DAILY”. Where’s the Justice ?

  4. Completely horrible, these kids gang up on someone because the popular culture has been telling these kids that it’s ok to hate white people. My heart goes out to the young boy.

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