You will Not Believe what POWER Republicans just gave Romney

Sen. Mitt Romney is getting a ultra high-profile perch as he joins the Senate during his latest clash with President Trump.

Romney was named on Thursday to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, giving him an opening to wade into several looming foreign policy battles between Congress and the White House.

Romney had reportedly expressed an interest in gaining a seat on the committee, where two Republican members retired at the end of the last Congress, opening up space on the panel.

He was also named to the Help, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committees.

The committee assignments will need be ratified by the full Senate next week.

The Foreign Relations Committee spot could provide Romney with a pathway to highlight his differences with Trump on foreign policy, an issue where the president’s views diverge from most of the Senate GOP caucus.

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