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Xi of China Set to Meet Up with His Biggest Investment…Biden.

Joe Biden is set to meet virtually with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday.

• Xi and Biden are set to discuss = Trade, Military and Human Rights

• Another issue of discussion is set to be the Origins of the Coronavirus, which is not a big priority for Biden and the Expansion of China’s nuclear arsenal.

• Biden has been advised to take a BETA role not to get China Angry and cause any unneeded conflict.

• At the meeting, Chinese President Xi will likely invite Biden to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which Biden would most likely accept.

• Biden will also be holding a virtual Address to the Asia Pacific Economic leaders summit

• Last time the two leaders spoke was on September 9th which Biden said that the 90 min conversation was expansive and constructive. Still, no genuine issues of importance like the origins of the coronavirus were discussed.

• The White House has said that the meeting will be part of the U.S ongoing effort to “responsibly Manage” competition between the U.S and China.


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