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WOW: Man gets Bill after being Hospitalized for COVID 19!..

Man gets Hospital Bill After 4 Months In The Hospital With COVID 19, the total is a staggering $3 Million before Insurence pays for around 60-80% depending on many factors.

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  1. Demoncrats and their business associates have used COVID-19 the Fauci flu to enrich themselves while forcing Americans into bankruptcy. These traitors who answer to the Globalist anti American demons with the Rothschild’s leading the way with their U.S. based commands the Rockefeller’s George Soros the Bush-Clinton C.I.A. Criminal cabal and many others who have been working against America for the past 150 years in total. Democrat elites made a deal with the Rothschild’s who rose to power as the Executor of the Exchange the official tax collectors in 1666 . The Democrat elites made a deal to return America to Britain in exchange for the Rothschild’s funding their efforts during the civil war and in exchange the Democrat elites would be granted titles, lands and a return to the feudal system where we the people would lose all rights. In 1871 America was forced by the Rothschild banking cabal to become a corporation and we the people became debt slaves. This is why Democrats are so anxious to impose crippling debt . Each American now owes over 300,000 dollars and will not be a free people under the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve until the current debt system is demolished. For the past 150 years 20% of America’s tax dollars have gone to support the British Royal family since 1871. Democrats answer to Britain not we the people. We must fight to reestablish the greatest country in the world on the foundation the founding fathers established in 1776. This is a repeat of the times faced by America’s founding fathers.

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