Whoopi and Meghan McCain Go At It Live on the View

The View has always been a nasty place where leftist and democrats can go and spew their Rhetoric and Lies without interruption or pushback. Meghan McCain the RINO daughter of the Late RINO John McCain got a dose of the nastiness that is the view after Whoopi Goldberg got heated and told her to shut up.


Watch the FULL exchange:

Should anyone come to Meghan McCain’s defense?

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  1. I think this is a disgusting show. I thought that before Trump was ever in office. A bunch of cackling hens, with their crude, and meaningless opinions.

    1. Y’all just pissed cause ur precious Hillary didn’t win all y’all were suppose to move to another country if he won why ain’t u left yet need some help packing

  2. I believe if Meghan did not have the last name McCain she would not be on tv. She is so rude, talks over every one and then sulks like a child if shes called on it. All through the show she raises those eye brows and even the audience has had enough of her, she needs to find another job, one that she can be the leader in, and can talk and talk, maybe some e will listin.

  3. Note To Meghan McCain,
    The 1st Amendment Does Not Apply in Whoopii’s World, if Your Point of View Differs from Her and Her Cohorts.
    However, The 1st Amendment Does Matter at Fox News.

  4. Whoopi and her gaggle of snow-flake hens suffer from super sensitive ‘egg-shell mentality’ syndrome. Their bubble world reality cannot co-exist in a universe with dissenting views. I am no Meghan McCain fan (full disclosure). That said, Meghan IS the well paid token RINO shill on “The View” for the singular purpose of playing a bumbling foil to squabbling snow-flake hens so they look good in the eyes of their Ultra-Lefty-Elitist audience. Producers on “The View” should give Meghan a big fat bonus check for the way she sullenly took her browbeating from the head hen. Whoopi’s star shines brightest, once again, amongst the dimmer lights in the Tolerant Liberal Microcosm. Long live Whoopi!!!

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