White House preparing to Shut down Southern Border

Sarah Sanders confirmed the White House is looking at certain parts of the border to close down but also mentioned that closing the Southern border could have been avoided if Democrats cooperated with Republicans.

SARAH SANDERS: During the press conference, a reporter asked if this is a good idea for the economy and overall state of the Country. Sanders replied with, “Eventually, it may be that it’s the best decision that we close the border.”

She then added, “This isn’t our first choice.”

CONGRESS: Congressional Republicans and Democrats are worried that closing down certain portals of the border might issue a serious effect to the U.S. economy which has been flourishing since Trump became President.

SARAH SANDERS: Sanders said, “Democrats are leaving us absolutely no choice at this point.”

She stated that the President does not want to hurt the economy but, “No. 1 job as president is to protect life, to protect Americans.”

Sanders hopes the Mexican police control the crossing of illegal aliens into the U.S. so that the U.S. does not have to close the border down.

 THE PRESIDENT:  Trump tweeted about the Dems and the Southern Border crisis.


CONCLUSION: The Trump Administration is giving Mexico one last chance to fix their citizens from crossing into the U.S. before they shut down certain portals of the Southern Border. Sarah Sanders says the Democrats and soon Mexico, has left them no other choice. Sanders says the President is just doing his job in protecting America and Americans.

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