West Virginia Governor who switch to Republican at Trump Rally backs Top Democrat Joe Manchin for Senate

Republican Governor Jim Justice who was a Democrat until August when he announced he can no longer help the people of West Virginia as a Democrat has said that he will back Senator Joe Manchin a Democrat for his reelection.

SENATOR JOE MANCHIN: is the senior United States Senator from West Virginia. Manchin, a member of the Democratic Party, served as the 34th Governor of West Virginia from 2005 to 2010 and the Secretary of State of West Virginia from 2001 to 2005. Manchin, the Senate’s most conservative Democrat, is up for re-election next year in West Virginia, a state the president won in a landslide last November. Ever since Democrats lost the White House, Manchin has walked a fine line between working with Trump, working with his party, and trying to prove that whatever happens in Washington, and the rest of the country, he’ll put the voters of West Virginia first.

GOV. JIM JUSTICE: Said to republican lawmakers “Joe Manchin has been a friend of mine,” after being asked his thoughts on the Manchin race. “Now, he may be a terrible person to y’all, but Joe has been a friend of mine and I’m going to tell you this as straight up as I can be: Joe Manchin is becoming a very key, integral part with Donald Trump. And I’m going to take my read off of Donald Trump.”

“Joe Manchin is — and I know this — Joe Manchin is Donald Trump’s liaison with the Democrats,” he added. “And you want, and I want, what Donald Trump is trying to get done.”

BACKGROUND: One of Justice’s top campaign managers, Larry Puccio, was the former campaign manager and chief of staff for Manchin. Justice also hired Nick Casey, campaign treasurer for Manchin, to be his first chief of staff. Once Justice switched parties, however, he fired Casey.

DEMOCRATS: Are not fond of Manchin for a few examples 1) Manchin was the deciding vote to push Betsy DeVos over the top to become Secretary of Education, after none Other than Jeb Bush Lobbied to manchin on her Behalf. 2) Joe Manchin welcomed the Breitbart News editorial team to his Capitol Hill office for an hourlong off-the-record “get to know you” session. It was part of a behind-the-scenes process — kicked off post-election and led by Manchin’s communications director Jonathan Kott — to establish warmer relations with the right-wing news outlet. 3) Manchin’s comfort working with Trump has infuriated progressives, which have lambasted him as an enemy of party purity—a Democrat in name only.

CONCLUSION: Manchin is an Old school Democrat, a Conservative democrat that isn’t afraid to do and act in a way that would help the people he represents.  The Democrats hate him and the republicans see him as a danger.  Jim Justice is a loyal friend and only time will tell what will end up happening.



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