Man Quits support of Warren Over Her Ignoring Minority Successes

A volunteer from Elizabeth Warren’s campaign walked out mid-speech on live T.V. due to his unrelated concerns from her.

His name is Johnhaynes Honeycutt, 23, African American small business owner from Massachusetts spoke to the Washington Examiner on February 9th, 2019.

Honeycutt attended Warren’s launching speech in hopes that he would at least agree with some of the Senators key points for presidency but instead did not like her comments about taxes and minority equality.

He claims he was a Warren supporter, “I was an Elizabeth Warren supporter, but I found at the event there wasn’t any way for me to identify with the things she was saying.”

“She’s a small-town girl, and her family were blue-collar, and now she’s in this position. Rather than taxing and fighting the rich and using that as her only focus, she should be focusing on opening up opportunities for the people that are in the same position she was once in,” said Honeycutt.

“There are so many minorities that are doing well in this country, and I feel like Elizabeth Warren should be using her platform to illustrate that end of it,” he added.

He lasted 40 minutes listening to her speech and that was enough for him at that point.

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