VP Mike Pence Walks out of Colts-49ers Football Game DISGUSTED; Kaepernick Begs for work Will Stand for National Anthem

Vice President Mike Pence spoke out on twitter Sunday after he walked out of the colts-49ers game for 1 UNBELIEVABLE reason…

VP MIKE PENCE: Attended the Colts-49ers Game on Sunday, before the game had even begun he got up and walked out… the reason: Players were taking a knee during the national Anthem.

He took to twitter to Let the American people where he stands on the issue

It is Reported that Several 49ers players reportedly kneeled for the anthem on Sunday in Indianapolis.  VP Mike Pence went on to say on Twitter:

He finished off by saying…

He released a Formal Statement on the White House Website and on twitter:

IRONICALLY: Leftist Beta male Colin Kaepernick told CBS in an Interview that he will STAND during the national Anthem if he is allowed to Play Football again.


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