Virginia Governors Wife Follows in His Racist Footsteps

In a tour of the Governor’s mansion, Pam Northam, gave cotton to black students to “imagine being an enslaved person,” and is now facing he own controversy instead of her black face wearing husband and Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam.

Weeks after Ralph Northam’s black face photos resurfaced, Pam gave a tour of the executive mansion and made poor choices towards two black eighth grade students.

Once the parents reached out and wrote to lawmakers, Pam had to confront the situation and explain herself.

Pam’s statement reads, “I regret that I have upset anyone, I am still committed to chronicling the important history of the Historic Kitchen, and will continue to engage historians and experts on the best way to do so in the future.”

“I believe it does a disservice to Virginians to omit the stories of the enslaved people who lived and worked there,” she added in her official statement.

Governor Ralph Northam faced calls to step down, but made it clear he would finish out his term and dedicate the next years to fighting for race equity.

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