VIDEO: AG Barr EXPOSES Sanctuary Cities

Attorney General Bill Barr gives Explosive Speech on Sanctuary Cities at Event with our nations Sheriffs

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  1. My concern is Bill Barr is a member of the Senior Executive Service created by George H.W. Bush in 1978 while director of the C.I.A. that leads the deep state Democrat Hydra against America. This para military group within the top level of all 75 agencies has over 40,000 members trained to follow the will of the Fabian society since it’s creation. The S.E.S. is part of this group that has slowly been pushing America to their vision of a perfect world, a one world communist government in which the United Nations serves as the central government for all peoples.
    Other members you may know includes Christopher Wray head of the F.B.I. Michael Horowitz D.O.J.I.G. Robert Mueller Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sessions, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Mitt Romney, George Soros who directs the actions of the Democrat party, and is in charge of the open border, open society scam meant to bankrupt nations due to the forced cost of caring for illegal Aliens who are paid to invade our nations.

    Another method of control that is brought to us by the United Nations is Climate change a scam that began in 1968 with the claim that the world was entering a mini ice age. In the 1980’s this claim was changed to global warming due to a 1 degree warming in a cycle that those making the claim of climate change actually do not understand. 96% of the warming and cooling of our planet depends on that big yellow ball in the sky, the sun. The activity of sun spots determines our weather more than those claiming to care about the future of humanity. This claim was designed to cause mass fear scaring us to surrender our personal rights to those claiming to have a solution for a problem that does not exist. The claim that Carbon dioxide that is required to sustain life on this planet is a threat is a threat to us is false. We are carbon based beings, every time we breathe out we release CO2, which is then picked up by plants as food cleaning the air we breathe. There have been 42 predictions made by these so called experts led by Al Gore the guru of climate change who has made billions from this lie and all of the 42 have been proven false as the time frame given has passed without event.
    Our children are being terrified by leftist unionized teachers proclaiming the world will end in 12, 10,or 8 years. and their lives mean nothing. This has caused a major increase in children believing their is no hope and choosing suicide as their way out of a desperate situation.
    This hoax by the members of the Fabian society seeking to impose socialism/communism around the world was put into full gear when the claim changed to Climate crisis. To back up this claim climate change warriors were activated setting Australia on fire. Some 200 plus arsonists have been arrested so far. The result of their actions have been the deaths of close to a billion animals, the destruction of unique species that existed only in Australia, and several people, numbering at last report received here in North America at 30. We are at war. Those involved in this plot must be stopped now. The Senior Executive Service created by George H.W. Bush has been weaponized against us. 9/11 was a result of those within the government of the day following their plan to break down that which exists as they seek their goal of a U.N. led communist world government. Rise up all who truly seek to end this curse for only if we fight back can we live in peace in the future. End the brainwashing of our children and take hold of a New Start that will lead to peace and prosperity for all. END THE SCAM. Pastor Phil Biggs (Bishop) New Start Outreach International Fighting for the future of humanity

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