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Vatican Abruptly Cancels Televised Meeting with Biden the FAKE Catholic…

The Vatican has abruptly canceled a planned live stream of the Pope meeting with Joe Biden as he visits the Vatican on Friday according to the Vatican Press Office.

  • The Cancellation is a result of Biden being accused of being a FAKE catholic over his stance on Abortion issues
  • The meeting was slated to happen on Friday (Rome Time)
  • The LIVE event will now only show Biden’s Motorcade arriving at the Vatican and the Vatican monsignor greeting him.
  • The Original broadcast was supposed to show Biden meeting the pope and a press spray of them sitting as they prepared for a private meeting, now the Vatican says that the AP will be tasked with releasing edited footage of the private interaction to media sources around the world.
  • The meeting is causing scrutiny as US Catholic bishops debate if Biden should be denied communion over his stance on abortion.
  • Jen Psaki would not answer if the meeting with the pope would be covered by US media saying that the Biden Administration are guests at the Vatican and have no logistics over the meeting and that all questions should be directed at the Vatican something unseen before at a Presidential meeting.


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