Useless Congress SHOCKED As Trump Totally Defeats Isis

The President says the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria also known as ISIS is 100 percent defeated.

No formal declaration has been met but Trump said it would be announced soon.

The President has been receiving back lash from lawmakers like Inhofe and Kaine that say Trump should not be making promises or saying a certain number like 100 percent.

“I learned a long time ago, never use ‘100 percent,’ and apparently the president didn’t learn that same lesson…All you have to have is a half of 1 percent and you’re a liar,” Inhofe, Armed Services Committee Chairman said.

“He’s looking for his ‘mission accomplished’ moment, and he’s underplaying the threat,” Kaine, Senator of the Armed Services Committee.

Senator Lindsey Graham said this, “It’s like 99.9 percent. We’re down to a couple blocks.”

“I think the caliphate’s been, for all practical purposes, destroyed. I mean, we’re down to a couple blocks. We could take it, but you just don’t want to kill innocent civilians,” Graham added.

ISIS is more than close to loosing its controls on land and everyone is now, “slowing down the offensive.”

500 ISIS fighters have surrendered and there is many civilians the U.S. needs to protect first in order to finish it.

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