URGENT Statement from the Press Secretary on Healthcare

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham released a Statement on President Trump’s new rule regarding Medical records helping American be in control of their healthcare.

Today, President Donald J. Trump has taken another groundbreaking action to put American patients at the center of their healthcare by requiring all healthcare systems to provide Americans secure access and control of their own health records. Under the new rule, patients will be empowered to share their record with family members and care providers and more easily choose the doctor and treatment that is right for them. No longer will Americans spend hundreds of dollars on redundant medical tests or countless hours collecting copies of their medical record, which are often still transferred using a fax machine or CD-ROM. Americans will finally be able to control their health record.

Giving doctors and patients easy access to medical history, allergies, and other vital information can improve care and even prevent deadly medical errors. The seamless and secure transfer of Electronic Health Records will prioritize “Patients over Paperwork,” freeing doctors to spend more time with patients and less time on redundant charts.

This crucial step will also open new frontiers of medical innovation. Scientists will now have faster and more powerful ways to analyze health data of patients who choose to donate it for research – giving them an invaluable tool to find new cures and treatments.

The Obama/Biden Administration spent $36 billion of stimulus dollars to achieve widespread use of Electronic Health Records, yet Americans are still largely unable to access their full health record more than a decade later. President Trump is correcting this problem and building an American healthcare system where patients are in charge. The President is making it possible for patients to shop for their care, know what they are getting for their care, and know how much that care will cost.

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  1. Keep a businesman in office ,,, he will straighten out the politicians screw ups.

  2. Until you integrate is the biological sciences Headway Ruby slim to none you may think if it is good but what is the standard of good? Furthermore if you don’t operate innovation in a proprietary mechanism then you have a negative mechanism of operation in order to create positive results, are you smart enough to figure that one out?

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