Two Veterans CONFRONT Joe Biden Lets Him Know His Policies Killed Their Friends

Two Veterans confronted Joe Biden at a campaign Stop in Oakland California.  The veterans let Joe know that his policies and his actions caused his friends and countless civilians to die.


Let us know what you think the comment section below and Please SHARE this report so more people can hear these courageous patriots unmask a corrupt Politician like Joe Biden 

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  1. My heart goes out to him and his friends and to everyone Who died in that senseless war! He is right he cannot be president!

    1. I agree with the veteran, Joe
      Biden IS NOT Presidential
      material. The DEMONrats really
      have NO ONE worth voting for.!!

    2. He’s right and and Joe Biden is no different than Obama or the Bush dynasty.
      To hell with them all.

    3. Did Joe say his son died fighting for his country??? Thought Beau Biden died of Brain Tumour??

      It winds me up when u see these office muts rally round Biden and try to shut down a Veteren when they are speaking. That Vet earned the right to speak freely and those that sent him to fight in phony wars want to admonish him and cast him out

  2. Biden is fading fast. By next November Biden won’t even know his name. He thinks he’s running for Senate. He is scary and has major anger issues that he should be getting help with.

  3. Our troops should be living like kings soldiers deserves. To have the best insurance there is why should have to pay anything soldiers first ..

  4. God bless Truth ,God bless Q ,God bless the Patriots,God bless the plan ,God bless America and may her flag always fly high and forever!! #@realDonaldTrump #2020 and beyound !!!!

  5. The Vetern should have reminded Joe Biden, that Joe Biden murdered his own son also.

    …There’s a real phsychopath, somebody who murders their own son, but then pretends he didnt while using his own son’s murder to get out of arguments about other people the psycho has murdered also…

    This is what you are really “dealing with”, people, if you deal with Joe Biden in any way.

  6. All I can say is HOOAH. God bless our troops and God bless America. AMERICA FIRST.

  7. Our Veteran spoke the truth. Too many Open ended senseless wars with the hands of our service men tied. Peace with Power. Like Ronald Regan and our president Trump believes.

  8. I’m glad these veterans are expressing their anger. Dirty politicians put them at war and the only thing they got was anger out of it. Thank goodness for veterans.

  9. As a fellow Veteran I 150% agree with my military brothers, old corrupt joe is just another sleazy polotician using America to make himself a buck, millions in fact, just look at his son hunter Biden now a multi millionaire for doing nothing but being related to sleazy corrupt joe bidden, definently NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL

  10. That soldier is correct not only did Biden be responsible for our Vetrans deaths but the thousands of Iraqi civilians! Well said Soldier!!! Trump ” 4 More Years”

  11. Truth Is Brave Again! Those Two Warriors Need To Be On With Laura For Sure!

  12. Well said good veteran, couldn’t have done it any better and sorry for all of our losses in that war.

  13. Former Vice president Biden’s son died of brain cancer, didnt he? The same kind John McCain had. Was he just referring to his son having been in the service?

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