Turkey was just given an Ultimatum by Trump

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday that his department is preparing to impose more financial sanctions on top Turkish officials as the White House pursues the release of a jailed American pastor.

Mnuchin said during a White House Cabinet meeting that the Treasury Department was preparing further penalties for Turkey in response to a question from President Trump on the status of sanctions.

Mnuchin said Thursday that Treasury would likely target more of Erdogan’s top officials if Ankara refused to let Brunson return to the U.S. “We have put sanctions on several of their cabinet members.

Further sanctions on Ankara could create more economic chaos for Turkey while it faces a severe financial crisis. The lira fell against the dollar after Mnuchin’s announcement, a day after the Turkish currency had begun to return from record lows.

Erdogan has blamed Turkey’s failing economy on Trump’s actions and panned Western powers for waging “economic war” on his country.

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