Trump’s USMCA to Give $60B Boost to Auto Sector

The President’s new Mexico-Canada trade agreement will provide a spur of $60 billion to auto sectors in the U.S. creating more than 70,000 more jobs.

THE WHITE HOUSE: The White House recorded the USMCA to spur $34 billion in investments in U.S. auto plants, $23 billion in American auto parts sales and create 76,000 new industry jobs over the course of five years.

The employment gains would include roughly 22,800 automotive assembly jobs, 8,000 additional advanced battery supplier jobs, and 45,600 additional automotive supplier jobs.

USMCA would impose requirements that cars and trucks imported from Mexico and Canada be manufactured with 75 percent components from the three countries to avoid tariffs.

The deal would also mandate that a significant amount of automobile work be done at a pay rate of $16 per hour in order for Mexico to raise their wage to the U.S. amount.

DEMOCRATS: Of course Democrats are at disapproval of the whole thing but the President has threatened to remove NAFTA if the Dems don’t want to at least consider.

CONCLUSION: The President is hoping the USMCA goes through because if it does not he will take the whole U.S. economy down with him, because the USMCA is supporting this country’s auto sector by $60 billion.

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