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Trump’s TRUTH Social Launch Date has Been REVEALED but there is a HUGE Problem!

Trump supporters had this fake perception that Donald Trump’s new social media site TRUTH social would be the wild west of websites where everything goes, and the first amendment is enforced, not big tech censorship…Yeah, not so much.

• Trump’s new media company is developing TRUTH social. The site was supposed to be the alternative to Twitter, where people could speak freely without censorship.

• The first thing Trump did was hire a silicon valley company that created an AI to do precisely that, censor speech.

• Trump will reportedly use that technology to purge content that is deemed NSFW and wants the site family-friendly.

• Nunes said that the developers of TRUTH social had warned that bad actors both in the US and around the world would attempt to flood the site with illegal content when it launches.

• In order to combat that, they had to hire a Silicon valley censorship company called HIVE that uses AI technology to censor speech on video, image, text, and audio.

• Fox Business first reported that Trump’s TRUTH Social would use Content Moderation Censors from HIVE that is very similar to those used by Facebook and Twitter!…

• TRUTH Social CEO Devin Nunes, former House representative, told reporters that TRUTH Social would ban speech that is not appropriate for all audiences. The company will use artificial intelligence from a Silicon Valley tech firm to accomplish that.

• Nunes said in a statement, “We want to be very family-friendly, we want this to be a very safe place, and we are focused on making sure any illegal content is not on the site,” he went on to say “Hive has a great track record in this, and they have been good to work with.”

• Nunes reiterated that TRUTH social would ban hate speech, sexually explicit content, violence, and spam, similar to Twitter and Facebook back in 2012.

• Nunes indicated that TRUTH social was made for families.

• I think the key for Trump is that his social media platform will not ban people based on political ideology but will still ban based on speech they find inappropriate.

• TRUTH Social is set to launch by President Day.


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  1. Call in the Military and adress the tratiors before we don’t have anyone to protect Mr Trump. Between they’re radiation POISONING and CHEMTRAILS with FLUORIDE in our DRINKING WATER with DEADLY VACCINES and GMO FOODS we’re all fricking dying , damb man get it done and stop trying to win a population vote we’re for you already . God bless America now help us to make it great again Sir. 👍

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