TRUMP’S FIRST INTERVIEW: Speaks to Fox News on Rush Limbaugh’s Passing…


Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday gave his first post-White House TV interview to remember radio host Rush Limbaugh after his death at age 70 from cancer.



Trump set to Break His Silence on Conservative TV Networks!…


Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70…

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  1. Ive listened to Rush since 1989. Not one single sentence did any of my mid twenty something friends understand yet they insisted that since his conservative perspective was delivered with righteous arrogance that he was some kind of misogynistic nazi. We were young, living in L.A. and working in the entertainment industry. I have NO idea where any of them are today and I’m sure had they watched Melania put the medal around his neck they might have vaguely remembered someone long ago used to disappear for an hour around 4pm and return politically 411ed. Rush made it possible for me to hold up my part if and when I found myself in dialogue with folks having an extraordinary knack for vilifying his unwavering stance on politics, civil rights, 2nd amend. and so on.
    Sometimes he got a little cringy in the gender and race arena.
    I wholeheartedly agree with 3 things he said about Obama:
    1 That he is uppity
    2 Obama’s entire economic program is reparations.
    3 And he called Obama a
    Largely misquoted or demonized by contextual disparages, he still had some real doozies.
    I got a little choked up….him…the medal…his reaction.
    RIP Rush

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