Trump Withdrew Nominee to find Tougher ICE Chief

On Friday, President Trump withdrew his nomination for ICE Chief because he is looking for a tougher choice than Ron Vitiello.

THE PRESIDENT: The President stated, “We’re going in a little different direction. Ron is a good man, but we’re going in a tougher direction, we want a tougher direction.”

The President pulled Vitiello’s nomination on Thursday and has yet to announce who will replace him.

RON VITIELLO: Ron Vitiello was chosen for ICE Chief after he has been in law enforcement for three decades but he will now remain as acting director.

Vitiello was expected to join the President to the border today but will no longer be doing so.


CONCLUSION: The President withdrew his nominee for ICE Chief after the U.S. has seen increased border crossings and Trump says he needs a tougher choice than Ron Vitiello. The President has yet to confirm who will be ICE Chief but the President will be at the border today and Mexico has been given a year long warning to control their side of the border crossings or the border will shut down.

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