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Trump will Remain Suspended from Facebook Until 2023!…

Facebook has decided to Keep Trump suspended until 2023. After that time, they will evaluate to see if Trump still poses a danger to public safety.

Facebook has decided to have an end date to Trump’s suspension on the platform, Jan 7th, 2023, just in time for the 2024 Election. Facebook’s oversight board recommended that Facebook reviews Trump’s suspension. The social media company says they will need more time to see if Trump changes his conduct and will have a final decision in 2023. If the suspension is lifted, Trump will have to abide by specific rules so he will not violate any more rules.

Nick Clegg, the man in charge of Compliance, said in a blog post about Trump’s suspension.

On Friday, Facebook released a new set of enforcement protocols after their Board recommended they have more transparency which was the cause for Trump’s recent suspension.

Former President Donald Trump said in a statement.

Facebook’s Oversight board said in a statement.

The Board believes the steps Facebook has committed to today will contribute to greater clarity, consistency and transparency in the way the company moderates content, and promote public safety, defend human rights and respect freedom of expression. The Board monitors Facebook’s implementation of all its decisions and recommendations, and intends to hold the company to account on its commitments,” the board said in a statement.

The Board is encouraged that Facebook is adopting some of their recommendations to be more transparent on how and why they ban high profile users. The Oversight Board is a group of radical leftist academics, liberal journalists, and politicians. The group was created as an effort by Facebook to get advice on high-profile bans and suspensions of celebrities, politicians, and lawmakers.

Facebook said in a statement that no matter what they do to Trump, it will be controversial.

• On the Left: James Steyer, CEO, and founder of Common Sense Media, said Facebook’s failure to permanently ban Trump underscored the need for a “comprehensive tech agenda.”
Steyer said in a statement. “A two-year ban gets us past the 2022 election cycle but does not protect Americans from his interference in the next presidential election, which is why Facebook should, and can, permanently ban Trump.”

• From the Right: all the Pundits are saying that its censorship

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  1. I honestly believe that President Trump will out last Face Book as Patriots flee from these communist scum bags. Mark Zuckerberg will pay a price for treason that may see his end by 2023. President Trump will retake power within the next 6 months and all who have betrayed America will learn the consequences of their actions. A stolen election is no basis to obtain and maintain power and authority over any nation or people longing to remain or be free.

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