Trump was RIGHT Again, Mass Exodus of People Fleeing New York

On Monday, The President claimed people are “fleeing” New York because of high taxes and damaging legal battles with NRA.

THE PRESIDENT: The President went off on Twitter after New York democrats launched a probe into the NRA, which the President claimed, “illegally using the State’s legal apparatus,” in order to destroy the NRA.

NY DEMOCRATS: The New York democrats have also launched an investigation to the NRA’s tax-exempt status.

THE PRESIDENT: President Trump tweeted this first.

THE PRESIDENT: The President then claimed that the people of New York are fleeing the state due to high taxes and legal battles with the NRA.

NEW YORK STATE: The Empire State has lost around 48,510 residents between July 1, 2017, and July 1, 2018, more than any other state in that one year time frame.

The state “didn’t even put up a fight against SALT” or the state and local tax deduction, which was capped as part of Republican legislation passed in 2017 and “could have won,” as the President said.

NITA LOWEY: In response to the President, Lowey discredited Trump’s argument.

CONCLUSION: The President is stressing over the sanctity of New York State and all the leaders of state might destroy the State as a whole. The President wants to make better decisions for New York starting with their lawmakers and DOJ because New York has been going after the NRA for no reason and about 50,000 people have left NY in a single year.

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