REPORT: Trump Wanted Ivanka to Lead the World Bank

On Friday, President Trump said he wants Ivanka to run the World Bank because she is good with numbers. The father and daughter opened up about it all in an interview about Ivanka.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: During an interview, The President and Ivanka sat down with a reporter on Ivanka and her position in the White House and their relationship in the White House as Father and Daughter.

The President stated, “I even thought of Ivanka for the World Bank … She would’ve been great at that because she’s very good with numbers. “I’ve seen her under tremendous stress and pressure..She reacts very well…that’s usually a genetic thing, but it’s one of those things nevertheless,” The President continued.

THE PRESIDENT: Trump did not end up nominating Ivanka Trump because critics would call it nepotism or anything else to tarnish him. He said, “when it would’ve had nothing to do with nepotism. But she would’ve been incredible.”


CONCLUSION:  President Trump and Ivanka Trump published an interview with The Atlantic, and they went in to talk about Ivanka’s life, The President, being in the White House and her position in it. The President said he would have nominated Ivanka as World Trade Leader, but critics will claim they are committing nepotism. Although, the president says she would have been incredible and appointed David Malpass as the leader of the institution.

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