Trump Visits Tornado survivors and TOURS destruction Area in Tennessee

President Trump meets Survivors and tours destruction in Tennessee Promises aide ASAP

  • President Donald Trump visited disaster areas in Tennessee on Friday, just days after storms that whipped across the state left 24 dead and many more injured

  • Trump was joined by Gov. Bill Lee, U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn and other officials 

  • The president took time to fly over the devastation and then met locals and first responders

  • Trump approved a disaster declaration Thursday, making federal funding available to those affected by the storms in Davidson, Putnam and Wilson counties, the White House said

  • First tornado began early Tuesday morning, leaving a 50-mile trail of destruction well after midnight
  • Second tornado then exploded through communities farther east of Nashville, causing in most of the deaths 

Comments by Gov. Bill Lee

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