Trump URGENT Address to the Nation

President Trump addressed the nation from the White House Oval Office

  • President addresses the nation on coronavirus as its spread across the world 

  • He announced he was closing the borders with Europe from midnight on Friday, with the UK exempt; Department of Homeland Security said Ireland is too

  • Trump blamed the European Union for the spread of the virus, calling it ‘foreign’ 
  • Cast aside days of downplaying its threat to American life and economy to say that the resources of the federal government will be deployed to beat it
  • Warned that the World Health Organization had declared the virus a pandemic 

  • He pleaded with Americans ‘wash your hands’ and told elderly people to limit social contact
  • Said he would guarantee financial aid for the sick and those caring for them and help small businesses and the worst-hit sectors
  •  ‘The virus will not have a chance against us – no nation is more prepared or more resilient than the United States,’ he said
  • He did not declare federal state of emergency as some had urged 
  • in the last couple of day markets have plunged and officially entered ‘bear territory,’ meaning the loss of 20% of their value
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  1. President Trump was our back! Not one country has done this, to help protect us! It is up to us to use common sense now! Just do what they say! Get your immune system up!

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