Trump TROLLS the Squad in Epic Video

President Trump just trolled “The Squad” in New Epic video published on the White House’s Official Account.

Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley call themselves “the Squad,” but in reality, they are vulgar and controversial Freshman representatives that have said very nasty things about America and Americans alike.

President Trump triggered the Liberals over the weekend stating that if these people do not like America, they can leave an innocent comment that the democrats and “the Squad” took as “Racist” a standard Democrat talking point.

The President’s Tweet also did something even better it exposed the last few spineless “Republicans” left in the House including:
Rep. Will Hurd of Texas who described the comments as “racist.”
Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio as described the comments as “racist.”

President Trump did not take the criticism sitting down. Instead, he doubled down on it and stated that the freshman lawmakers “Hated our Country” and also that they are now the new face of the Democrat Party whether Nancy Pelosi likes it or not.

Many believe that “the Squad” will be a big topic of his rally Speech in Greenville North Carolina on Wednesday Night you can Watch the Rally Live on our Youtube Page Below

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