Trump To Send Disaster Workers To Help At Immigrant Detentions Centers

The President wants to send 1000-person force to help the ICE police control the detention centers used for illegal aliens in custody since the centers have been so overcrowded they cannot do anything but release illegal aliens everyday until they have enough room.

The “disaster workers” would be more affordable than sending additional personnel to work with the assisting illegal aliens in the ICE facility, although, it does put volunteer government workers in a different position that could cause controversy for some.

The controversy that would be caused is some disaster workers only work with nature disasters not captivity disasters since many people do not agree with holding illegal aliens in custody and children too. At least 2 adults and 2 children have died while in custody.

THE PRESIDENT: The President is looking at many few options when it comes to the over crowded detention centers and he does not want to keep releasing illegal aliens but he does not want to take advantage of FEMA camps because those camps are only used for natural disaster purposes.

CONCLUSION: The over crowded ICE facilities have caused great damage to the President’s political policies and another stepping stone to no where when it comes to detaining aliens who have tried to cross the border illegally and now disaster workers might not even be up to the task for helping these facilities due to the controversy behind it all.

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