Trump to Block Illegal Immigrants from Public Housing Assistance

The Trump Administration wants to block about 32,000 illegal immigrants from Public Housing Assistance because so many American citizens are already on a waiting list.

HOUSE AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: HUD notified Congress about the new block which could be set by the end of Summer. The plan will remove the regulation of allowing illegal immigrants to sign up for assistant living without disclosing their status.

Now, leaseholders using public housing assistance must be an American citizen or an eligible U.S. entree.

Those already getting HUD assistance would have to go through a new verification, but would be over a period of time and would not all come at once.

A Trump administration official stated, “We’ve got our own people to house and need to take care of our citizens.”

This official added, “Because of past loopholes in HUD guidance, illegal aliens were able to live in free public housing desperately needed by so many of our own citizens. As illegal aliens attempt to swarm our borders, we’re sending the message that you can’t live off of American welfare on the taxpayers’ dime.”

The average waiting time nationally for housing assistance is 26 months. In places like Los Angeles, it’s more than four years.

CHER: Singer and Actor Cher did speak out about this new rule explaining how horrible the poverty line has gone up in Los Angeles.

Cher tweeted her opinion about the situation that the President retweeted.

CONCLUSION: The President is really cracking down on the old Clinton-era regulations when it comes to housing illegal immigrants because the Trump administration wants to house American citizens waiting on the list for assisted housing. The HUD has already introduced the new rules to Congress and may go into effect by the end of summer.

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