Trump Taps Jeff Rosen as DOJ second in command as Rosenstein Exits

The President announced he is nominating Jeff Rosen as Deputy Attorney General, replacing Rod Rosenstein, who has been planning to leave next month.

Now elected Attorney General, William Barr chose Rosen as his Deputy, they used to both be former partners at the law firm Kirkland & Ellis.

Rod Rosenstein’s job is to oversee the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference as of now.

Although, Rosenstein has been wanting to resign due to his tense relationship with The President.

Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to investigate any possible collusion and interference with The President and Russia in the 2016 elections.

Former FBI director, Andrew McCabe was interviewed on 60 minutes where he exposed Rosenstein as trying to invoke The President of The United States.

After the interview released Trump had tweeted this.

The President also retweeted Geraldo Rivera about the scandal this morning.

Jeff Sessions, Andrew McCabe have both been fired for a while and Rod Rosenstein will be leaving office soon.

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