Trump Talks to Newsmax about Running in 2024!…

President Trump is back and in his interview with Newsmax he spoke about the 2024 election telling his supporters to stay tuned and that his numbers went up after his second Impeachment trial instead of down!


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  1. Well he won in a landslide in 2020 and didnt become president who is to say that 2024 will be any different? Just because mr trump can win again in 2024 doesnt mean he will be our president again

  2. Besides being an immensely productive president, his ‘competition’ is the blatantly corrupt cesspool of politicians in DC and across the country. Of course his popularity is epic! We crave honesty, transparency, and an end of greedy parasites in gov’t the have gotten away with robbing us of our freedoms, our livelihoods, and even so many millions of our children! Sick politicians must be punished to the max possible, especially those in highest positions.

  3. 2024? Sure !! How can he disappoint us? I am still contributing monthly. Very interesting to see every time they try their evil wicked schemes on him, the more popular he gets and the more people see the truth….and the more votes he will get!!! Go figure. God is working!!

    1. I want President Donald J. Trump back in the WH where he rightfully belongs!! I miss him and his family very much!

    2. yes, please come back. I do not see anyone in a republican party of Trump caliber so far, someone who is fiery and has guts to call spade a spade.

    3. He’s back. The Democrats want him gone so bad they’re going nuts.
      Get over it you bunch of socialist communist idiots.
      Trump 2024 all the way. By the way Democrats just to be fair i’ll only vote once.

  4. I want Donald Trump back as President of the USA because of his Immigration policy, bring the Bible back into education and his Abortion policy, and last but not least, because of his strength as a leader. i’ a South African with a European origen

  5. He failed to fix the electoral fraud problem. They managed to give Biden, of all people, millions of votes. What can stop them now? Plus he will be too old in 2024. After 4 years of senile Biden nobody will be so enthused with another old white man. I think it’s too late for the Don. Should have fought harder when it mattered.

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