Trump slaps Germany with a Total Ban of their Luxury Cars

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering to impose a total ban on German Luxury cars…

Reports are coming out that President Donald Trump is considering a total ban on German Luxury cars being shipped to the united states.

Reports state that President Donald Trump told Macron that he would maintain the ban until he sees no Mercedes Benz go down Fifth Avenue in New York City at a state visit last month.

The report comes a week after Trump ordered Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to investigate auto tariffs and probe whether car imports are a danger to national security.

Two of The Mercedes-Benz cars are made in the USA including the GLE-Class Sports Utility, the full-sized GL-Class Luxury Sports Utility, and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles are all built at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International production facility near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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  1. It is not clear why he wants to impose a ban. Unless it is clear it is unfair and illogical to comment on his decision.

    But one thing is clear. Trupm decisions are not political. They are more practical and pragmatic in the interest of America and it’s people.

  2. It’s the begging of a new era , after Israel 70th year, God has put in trumps heart to fulfill his plans! Jesus Christ is coming soon. Run to Jesus Christ before another thing the “666” even begins…

  3. All countries should have Reciprocal
    Burden of import Duty tax.
    If they don’t do that We can increase taxes equivalent to their import Taxes

  4. Very good decision by President Trump. We cannot keep being on the lose sides of all win/lose situations.

  5. I totally support President Trump and his economic pressures. Americans were being “fleeced” for so many years by most of the industrialized nations of the world. Sadly, most Americans did not know or care ! Now that President Trump is making the trade FAIR, the countries (like Germany, China, Mexico, etc.) that benefited (at America’s expense ) for so many years are squeaking & squealing. Let them.

    1. I live in boulder colo.and it wouldnt bother me one bit if the yuppie scumbags couldnt buy them here.maybe they’ll go back to cali where they belong or get the fuk outta here.

    2. Oh yeah there will be a way however we have to prove our point. As our designer’s know luxury. So nice we can make them do fair for USA.

    3. I do agree with everything mr. Trump choose to do to strengthen the economy president Trump knows what he’s doing to build a better future for this country

  6. It’s been a while but when i was growing up i always understood what ever the amount we buy from other countries the same amount they to had to buy from us other than Japan because of the dropped bombs we sent its only fair haha

  7. Trump knows how to negotiate. Germany, you threaten retaliation over steel tarries? Fine. How about we don’t allow any German cars to come into the US PERIOD!! Your move…

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