Trump set to leave G7 summit early and head to Singapore

President Donald Trump just arrived at the G7 Meeting in Canada and he is already getting ready to leave…

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that President Donald Trump would be leaving the G7 meeting as early as Mid-Day Saturday after the session woman Empowerment, a Rep of the White House will finish the meeting at the G7 summit.

The President is headed to Singapore to meet up with North Korea Chairman Kim Jong-Un which will be one of many Historic meetings with the Chairman.

FAKE NEWS media is saying that the reason President Donald Trump is leaving is because of the WAR of words between the President and other world leaders on trade.

Macron and Trudeau have said that the G7 works perfectly without the United States, Merkel and May have also come out to attack the United States on trade.  President Donald Trump has said numerous times before “How can you LOSE in a situation where you have lost years ago”  The United States has NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to win in the Trade War.

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