Trump set to change Asylum rules for New Illegal Aliens

The Trump Administration is set to change the way asylum seeking is done in the United States.

The decades-long process of how Illegal Aliens claim asylum is set to get a redo starting this Tuesday as the Trump Administration is trying to end all protection for most asylum seekers mostly coming from Central America.

The move will make anyone who is seeking asylum who happens to be passing through Mexico ineligible for asylum through the new rule; this also includes unaccompanied children.

There are some exceptions to the rule; for example, victims of human trafficking, and those who have been denied asylum in another country if the country of origin did not sign one of the major international treaties governing how refugees are managed (though most Western countries signed them)  could still apply.

Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Monday that his country “does not agree with any measure that limits access to asylum.” but also states that Mexico’s asylum system is currently overwhelmed.

On the Contrary, two countries could become what is known as a safe third country those countries are Guatemala and maybe even Mexico.

Safe Third Country” agreements are part of the arsenal Trump administration can use to prevent the arrival of asylum seekers into the US system, where national legal obligations and rights would adhere.

Guatemalan officials were expected in Washington on Monday, but apparently a meeting between Trump and Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales was canceled amid a court challenge in Guatemala over whether the country could agree to a safe-country agreement with the U.S, Mexico is still adamant about it as they try to evade tariffs if they don’t comply.

This new rule will most definantly blocked by atleast 2 liberal court most likely the 9th and the 4th, the same courts that blocked ending DACA, Travel Ban and the Transgender ban in the Military.

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  1. Once again, President Trump goes head on into a tough fight. Yet, truth, law & justice are on his side. Mexico is a SAFE THIRD COUNTRY. Under International Law, asylum seekers have to stay in Mexico while lawfully applying for any entry into America. Meanwhile, American troops can HELP Mexican troops — in Mexico — to sort out migrants ineligible to proceed. AND, thanks to ICE, deport out of America those who had their day in court and lost.

  2. If your a Taxpayer who thinks all these illegal Immigrants should come into America, then you need to open your home’s to them and start supporting them with your money! Ya I didn’t so!

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