Trump sends the Cavalry to FBI Briefing

White House Lawyer Emmet Flood attended the meeting with lawmakers being Briefed about the FBI informant that infiltrates the Trump campaign in the 2016 Election and the status of Russia Investigation…

As soon as the Democrats saw Flood enter the room they cried foul, stating that the appearance of the white house lawyer is unprecedented.

They said Emmet Flood’s attendance at the beginning of the two meetings was a disturbing breach of the traditional firewall between the Justice Department and the White House and possible evidence that the meetings were a pretense to funnel information from the investigation to the president’s legal team.

Senator Mike Warner of Virginia said-

“Never seen a Gang of Eight meeting that included any presence from the White House staff,”  he went on to say “Unusual times.” Flood’s presence “only underscores [that] the President’s legal team expects to use information gleaned improperly from the Justice Department or the President’s allies in Congress to their legal advantage,”

Adam Schiff said

According to the White House, both Kelly and Flood left the meeting before the actual Briefing began even though Kelly was the one that set up the meeting after pressure from Republicans wanting information.

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