Trump Sends Cease and Desist to GOP Stopping them from Using Him for Fundraising


(THE HILL) Former President Trump is pressing Republican Party to stop using his name and likeness for fundraising and merchandise sales since he knows the GOP will use the funds to reflect RINOS into the senate and House.

• “President Trump remains committed to the Republican Party and electing America First conservatives, but that doesn’t give anyone – friend or foe – permission to use his likeness without explicit approval,” a Trump adviser told reporters.

Fundraising Emails that the GOP has sent since Trump left office “President Trump will ALWAYS stand up for the American People, and I just thought of the perfect way for you to show that you support him!” one email reads. “As one of President Trump’s MOST LOYAL supporters, I think that YOU, deserve the great honor of adding your name to the Official Trump ‘Thank You’ Card.”


Trump sends legal notice to GOP to stop using his name

 Trump presses GOP to stop using name for fundraising


One example of why President Trump doesn’t want the Republican Party to not use his likeness to fundraise money to give candidates like Merkowski 


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  1. I advise RNC to stop using Donald Trumps image and name in any way or form, because God is watching and you will not benefit from the funds you raise and you will send America down the tube and her blood will be required from your hands. God Bless You!

  2. In any way shape or form. Stop it immediately.

    God Bless Donald Trump and America.

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