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Trump Scores Two Victories in Court on Friday!…

Trump wins two long-standing court battles on Friday. A lawsuit regarding his hit show The Apprentice and Michael Cohens lawsuit.

• One case was withdrawn, and the other case was dismissed.

• The first case was a lawsuit accusing Trump of Sexually assaulting a former The Apprentice contestant named Summer Zervos

• Zervos dropped her case against Trump, and her lawyers Beth Wilkinson and Moira Penza said in a statement: “Ms. Zervos no longer wishes to litigate against the defendant and has secured the right to speak freely about her experience,”

• Zervos appeared on “The Apprentice” with Trump in 2005.

• Zervos claimed she was subjected to unwanted kissing and groping during their Los Angeles meeting with Trump

• Trump said in a statement that the end of the lawsuit meant he was “totally vindicated” in the case. He went on to say “It is so sad when things like this can happen, but so incredibly important to fight for the truth and justice,” Trump finished off by saying “Only victory can restore one’s reputation.”

• Trump, since the beginning of the case, accused Ms. Zervos allegations were politically motivated as he had just been elected 45th president of the United States.


• In the Cohen case, the judge had to throw out the case because after reviewing the facts and paperwork, the case had no standing since the paperwork didn’t find any wrongdoing by the Trump organization, the defendant in the case. If Cohen wants to continue the lawsuit, he has to sue Trump directly.

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