Trump says the Economy and Border Wall is bringing more Hispanics to Support Him

President Trump touted economic gains of Hispanics from his policies during a speech to Hispanic business leaders on Wednesday saying

 “Under the booming Trump economy, Latinos are achieving record gains,” President Trump went on to say “We have created 3 million new jobs for Hispanic-Americans. Hispanic-American unemployment has fallen to the lowest rate ever recorded.”

The president said his administration’s agenda of low taxes and low regulation

“is delivering remarkable opportunity and security to millions of hardworking Hispanic-American families.”

The president received 30% support from Hispanics in a Pew Research Center poll last month higher than the 28% who supported him in 2016.

In November 2020, a record 32 million Hispanic Americans are expected to be eligible to vote, topping for the first time the number of black eligible voters.

The president says to the construction of his border wall is one reason he’s doing relatively well with Hispanic voters especially in Border states.

Watch the FULL Speech Here:

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