Trump says Pelosi is Defending Out of Control Omar

The President had much to say on Twitter about Pelosi defending Omar who is “out of control.”

THE PRESIDENT: The President tweeted this that caused conflict.

The President states, “Nancy, who has lost all control of Congress,” because she really has and her party do not want to take their voting non seriously.

ILHAN OMAR: Omar has been under heavy heat and she has been monitored for nights by the police since the surge on death threats increase day by day.

The Congresswoman also had to arrest a man threatening her of killing her.

Omar issued a statement since she has received numerous death threats and normal threats

CONCLUSION: The President has called out Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar for being out of control and not in control at all. The President claims that Omar controls Pelosi but Omar’s life has been in danger and she says she is tired of it.

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