Trump Responds as Democrats and Republican Clash on Deal

The Democrats and Republicans still have not agreed on a Coronavirus Stimulus deal, while at a virtual town hall with Fox News the President had this to say:

Senate Republicans are ready to send a relief bill to the President’s desk. Democrat leaders are demanding a litany of partisan line items that have nothing to do with fighting the Coronavirus or saving our economy.

Watch the Full virtual town hall here

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  1. If Donald Trump doesn’t doesn’t do something for the American people to help them out and over this C19 disease he will not get my vote. Can he not do an Executive Order and bypass Stupid ass Pelosi and Schumer? If he doesn’t do something fast he will lose a lot of respect. Yes I am a Republican. But I just will not vote. Trump to me at this stage is more for the Dow jones market and to hell with the American people. I am totally pissed.

    1. No he can’t do an executive order on this type of thing it has to be passed. Not Trump’s fault is the Democratic party that’s adding all these weird things to the bill. At the green New Deal all kinds of crazy things.

    2. He is doing a lot! He HAS done more in the last 3 years than any prior hack President has done for the American people….so take your lil vote and do as you wish…AS IS YOUR RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN….meanwhile I’m ova here signing up young Republican voters….yea THAT…what are or have you been doing for the movement??? Whining like a kid who takes their ball and runs home when they dont get their way doesn’t count!!!

    3. The problem with doing an executive order is it wouldn’t go far. It would be challenged and be stuck in the courts. You’re getting angry with the wrong person. You should be taking your frustrations out on the Democrats. Namely Schumer and Pelosi. They’re using this horrible epidemic for there own political gain. Just like every Democrat screaming they care while never actually doing anything that amounts to real help.

    4. Mr Trump plays by the rule book and he can only do what they let him do. Can you imagine what would going on if he had not gotten elected. Dildo Hillary, give me a break.

    5. Your a idiot…its not the presidents fault…its the corrupt democrats 100%

  2. Get mad at the right people. President Trump is not a king or a democrat, there are rules to follow. The Democrats are the sole responsible party for not doing anything to help the American public. They only need you to vote for them…or Not vote for President Trump. Will you be their puppet? Think about it.

  3. We have to go back to work, if we don’t work we don’t eat. We cannot afford to interrupt the cash flow of our economy. We need to listen to Mr Trump , I’ve been watching this man for close to 30yrs and he knows what he’s doing.

  4. the senate and house have to approve money bills. he cant or he would. demorats are screwing you and me. trump is for you and me. democrats are for illegals and others. why? i dont know. blame trump and you are blaming the wrong person. if you are indeed a republican, write your republicans to support the bill as it is written. and they are. the democrats were onboard, but, sunday night when pelosi came off vacation, schummer submitted to pelosi, and caved on the bill. why? dont know. they are cutting their own throats. im not a republican nor democrat. this time around democrats are being stupid. they will pay at the ballot box

  5. If it were all up to President Trump, people would already have the money. We don’t have a dictator. We have a President who must work with the other 2 branches of government to get things done. Pelosi and Schumer are playing politics at the expense if the American people and you are mad at Trump? Really?

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