Trump Ready To Take Down Two Socialists Regimes at the Same Time

The Trump Administration is ready to take down the Cuban regime for supporting the Venezuelan Regime and Maduro’s reign.

The Administration found a way to enact Title III of the LIBERTAD Act that authorizes Americans who had their property nationalized by Fidel and Raul Castro’s communist dictatorship to sue the foreign companies who control that property now.

Putting the Cuba Regime into major panic because the lawsuits covered only a modest number of cases, targeting only Cuban entities tied to the regime’s security services, but the administration could add other foreign companies to that list and they might do so in a matter of less than two weeks.

A White House official stated to the press, “We know for a fact that there is nothing the Cuban regime fears more than Title III…They recognize it would be disastrous for them and they’ve gone on a diplomatic offensive to try to prevent it.”

The whole point of the U.S. enacting Title III is so they can, “pressure it (Cuba) economically for its actions in Venezuela,” White House official said.

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