Trump Praises woman who is willing to Decline $1k Stimulus check

During President Donald Trump question and answer part of his Fox News town hall, a lady says she is willing to decline her $1k Stimulus check for this special reason…

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  1. He’s stupid and you are agreeing to everything he says. What kind of network are you? Are you scared? Aernt you American?

  2. That’s nice of that lady! But if she doesn’t need it let it be used for the health workers that are now being overrun by the enemy I’m sure he said ” all Americans will receive the stimulus package”when are they coming up with a concrete plan to fight back instead of letting the enemy storm the population.???

  3. President Trump is correct. The sickness from not being able to work is horrible. I’ve had a lot of serious illnesses even life threatening but the stress of no work is the worst thing. We can be careful at work. Americans are smart.

  4. I would fire the idiots that advised you, Mr. President. Why? Why? Why did you agree to such a drastic move without evidence? Tony and Debbie need to go now!

  5. Hopefully the US will get back up and running real soon so the rest of the world can move past this contrived pandemic…and shut the fear mongering media up while also holding the WHO accountable for reporting false numerical data that set this entire fiasco into motion in the first place. This is causing economic chaos in many countries and it simply cannot continue or no country will survive…but if the US opens up…so will the rest of us and it needs to happen sooner rather then later so that financial recovery can begin asap.

    People need to get their lives back. No wonder folks all over my local community think common sense no longer exists in the world. Thank God that President Trump has finally voiced the questions so many of us had all along.
    It’s virus season after all, practice common sense…wash your hands and shut yourself down if you’re sick…protect those who are vulnerable…but don’t shut down the country. Maybe some very valuable lessons will be learned from this debacle so that it never happens again.

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