Trump Makes BIG Promise Sends CDC Scrambling to Explain

Donald Trump plunges coronavirus testing into turmoil with HUGE promise as he visits CDC Friday Afternoon.

  • President Trump signed an $8.3 billion bill to combat the coronavirus outbreak at the White House

  • He had canceled a trip scheduled for Friday to the CDC in Atlanta but decided to go anyway after it was revealed that the CDC worker had a False Positive Test.

From the Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump brushed off concerns about the limited number of coronavirus test kits during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and announced during a chaotic press conference that ‘anybody who wants a test can get a test.’

He left officials scrambling to explain how such a commitment could happen after free-wheeling press availability where he publicly disagreed with his own government’s approach to the cruise ship, referenced impeachment, asked about TV ratings, and called a Democratic government ‘a snake.’

‘The tests are beautiful,’ Trump added after meeting with top U.S. scientists amid the coronavirus outbreak.  ‘Anybody who right now and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test,’ Trump said.

Trump praised his own administration’s response amid concerns that the million test kits promised had yet to materialize.

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  1. Those who blame our President for thisan made leaked into public (Wuhan 400, ) Not Covid19… The news duped you guys…Again.!!! … It’s just another out of control situation in the wrong hands.
    Dean koontz talked about this Exactly…Many years ago. The eyes of darkness…buy it, read it, Learn TheReal Truth… Go ahead….

  2. I was saying, This Man made lab virus went out of control. This isn’t the first time and surely won’t be the last.
    If you watch the news, You are being duped. Read the book and Learn. Don’t trust me, Read for yourself…

    1. I think President Trump also needs to say if I find anyone messing around with these tests there will be hell to pay you will be punished according to the law and mean it

  3. Its a purposed virus to depopulate but mainly to put fear into the public
    2 years ago even after having a flu shot i was coughing up blood in the phlem and the cough lasted into the next year i think the NWO puppets have been designing different types to bring us under their control for years now and a lot of the public who OBEY MSM WILL FOLLOW THEIR LYING MASTERS

  4. Well, Trump lied. My husband works at a hospital and they still cannot do any testing.

  5. President Trump I hope you see this message. The federal and state CDC are not telling you is this is a bad cold with pneumonia virus I’s studded medicine and what is killing people is the viral pneumonia. Medical doctors are refusing antibiotics to the public old and young it is the pneumonia that is killing the citizens around the world not the cold part. Viral pneumonia and bacteria pneumonia will cure the pneumonia the CDC and medical doctors are lying to you and the public. You must grill these so called CDC OFFICIALS HARD because you must be told the truth and order that the FEDERAL and State CDC and all medical doctors in clinics and doctors offices and all us hospitals to give the patients antibiotics to kill the pneumonia. Pneumonia will spread to every one no matter how long you stay out of the public it is spread by coughing it can be coughs by air born coughing plus it can survive on toilet handles door knobs sinks bedding clothing you name it. This Corona virus is easy to stop.please do as I ask order that all medical doctors give out the antibiotics. As God is my witness I speak the truth.

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