Trump LASHES out on Democrats SLAMS Pelosi Says it was ALL BullSh!T

President Trump Spoke at the White House the day after his Acquittal in the senate Impeachment Trail saying that the whole process wa bullshit, slamming Pelosi and Lashing out on Democrats.

If you Missed the Speech you can watch the Full thing Here:

  • PresidentTrump delivered a speech in the White House’s East Room Thursday noon to celebrate being acquitted on impeachment charges with his cabinet and law makers from Both chambers of congress
  • Predsident Trump breifily brought up Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Hunter Biden and Andrew McCabe
  • The President said that this whole ordeal was very hard on his family later bringing up his Wife First lady Melania Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump
  • President Trump held up a copy of the Washington Post that said ‘Trump Acquitted’ in large font, saying it’s the ‘only good headline I’ve ever had in the Washington Post’  earlier he did the same thing at the Annual Prayer Breakfast
  • President Trump started his speech calling out the ‘leakers and liars’ former FBI Director James Comey saying that he wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for him firing Comey
  • Trump went after numerous individuals including Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney and Adam Schiff 

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