Trump Keeps Republicans On A Short Leash

The President has been holding his ground after multiple defeats and both parties betraying his authority, he still manages to stay on top.

THE PRESIDENT: Polls show President Trump to be widely popular to GOP voters.

The President carries 35% voters from the Republicans so any Republican candidate running for 2020 will not be able to surpass a 35% vote that the President currently has.

THE SENATE: 12 Republicans joined a 59 to 41 vote in the Senate which blocked Trump’s national emergency.

THE HOUSE OF REPS: The House had a unanimous vote on releasing the Robert Mueller report but eventually went no where in the Senate.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: The Senator objected the release of the Mueller report for not agreeing to start a special counsel to investigate Hilary Clinton, when Chuck Schumer opposed, Graham shut it all down.

MINORITY WHIP STEVE SCALISE: Our House Republican conference has stood strongly with President Trump on securing our nation’s border from Day One, and we supported the emergency declaration by an overwhelming margin,” said Scalise, who is also close to Trump. “That support has not wavered, and will be demonstrated strongly when we defeat Speaker Pelosi’s attempt to override the President’s vet.

CONCLUSION: Even though, the President has had major ups and downs he still has more votes than any other future candidate.

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