Trump Effect Unemployment Numbers Tank under Strong Economy

Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell to 23,000 lower on February 15th making the total number to 216,000.

Jobless claims hit multi-decade lows in 2018 but climbed back up during the government shutdown in January.

Moving the unemployment rate to 235,700, it rose to 4,000 in the four week government shutdown.

The numbers caught everyone by surprise including The White House.

President Trump at the White House Spoke about the Unemployment Numbers especially the African American Unemployment Numbers at an event at the White House


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  1. This has revealed the lie of liberals that “Americans won’t work any more”. Liberals never did work, they conspired. Stand up to them, there are no more than 15% of the US population that could broadly be identified with ‘leftist’ lies: democrats, socialists, communists, commufascists, and rinos, et al. If today’s young people had the monkee of taxation without representation and criminal banking and monetary policies off their backs, they would be more productive than any previous generation. JR

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