Trump Drops Announcement to NRA at a Convention in Indiana

On Friday, the President spoke at the NRA convention in Indianapolis, he announced The U.S. is withdrawing from support for an international arms-trade treaty.

THE PRESIDENT: President Trump said he would never ratify the United Nations Arms Trade signed by Barack Obama.

THE PRESIDENT: The President signed paperwork telling the Senate to stop the ratification process for now.

NRA: The NRA has been opposed to the treaty and Trump told the audience, “I hope you’re happy.”

THE PRESIDENT: The President stated he never even told the NRA senior leader he was announcing the signing, “I didn’t even tell ‘em about it. So they’re listening in this big room and they’re saying ‘I wonder what he’s going to do?’ The good thing with me: you never know,” he stated.

THE TREATY: The treaty regulates $70 billion international arms trade and prevent conventional arms to be put in the wrong hands.


CONCLUSION: The President visited Indiana for the NRA convention where he dropped a huge announcement and signed for Senate to stop the ratification of the treaty.

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  1. Yes, President Trump, we are happy that you totally oppose / will NOT sign / the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

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