Trump DOMINATES Iowa Caucus

President Trump has achieved his first victory of the 2020 Election, the Iowa Caucus was a landslide victory for the President.

  • Trump got 97.09% of the vote, and neither of his competitors broke 2%
  • In some counties, Trump got 100% of the vote
  • The two other Republicans on the ballot: Congressman and Tea Party member Joe Walsh, and FMR Gov. Bill Weld

This is how the Iowa map looks after the Iowa Caucus, President Trump is in Red and his Oppenents are really none existant.

President Trump said this on Twitter

President Trump State of the Union Speech is on February 4th at 5PM Pacific 8PM Eastern Live on Golden state Times Below.


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    1. im from canada and i wish we had him here to drain our swamp our PM is a idiot hes like your democratic idiots there liars go trump your doing a good job from now on video tape your interactions so they cant change words the liberals are good at trying but beat them at there own game

      1. I hear you I glad we have him
        He was pointed by God. But stay tune because 2021 will get even better for us. Be when the Republicans takes the house back its going to get better
        A lots of people will be going to prison. Cant wait.Hope God will send ya a good President

  1. Are We Going To Have To Look At NANCY PELOSI Sitting Behind President Trump For The ENTIRE STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH TONIGHT? Last Year She Was Shuffling Papers During The Speech, Acting Distracted By Various Things. Reminded Me Of An Inattentive Kid In Class, Fiddling, Moving, Looking Around, Distracting. At The End, She Smirked At President Trump And Made An Exaggerated & Sarcastic Clapping Gesture. It Was Disgusting. SHE HATES HIM SO MUCH, BUT PRETENDS TO PRAY FOR HIM. What A Hypocrite & Traitor! Do You Remember During The Presidential Debates, Hillary Clinton Asked Him If HE WOULD ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION? When He Replied Only If They Are Fair, She Had A Fit Saying He Was Threatening “OUR DEMOCRACY.” The Democrats Are Destroying Our Democracy & The RULE OF LAW!

    1. Agree with comments abs add it is a representative republic that the Democrats WANT TO TRANSFORM into a democracy which can more easily be used as a weapon against its people. KAG TRUMP2020

  2. It’s so comforting and refreshing knowing that this man will be a TWO-TERM President. Thank almighty God for sending us this ‘giant of a man’ to lead us int to next decade. Let’s all pray for his him, his family, and his administration.

  3. Look at Pelosi’s face. Anything the Left says can be applied to the left easier than to the Right. Right is right, Left is a bunch of asses.

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