Trump: Dems have become Worse since the Mueller report concluded  

On Tuesday, President Trump slammed two House Dems for not being satisfied with the cooperation of the White House after Mueller’s conclusion.

THE PRESIDENT: The President slammed House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, for their lack of satisfaction after Mueller concluded his investigation.

TWEETS: The President tweeted a back to back status to call the House Democrats out.

DEMOCRATS: All Dems have made it clear they are sticking to their April 2nd deadline but, William Barr said the Mueller report will be out to the public in mid April.

CONCLUSION: The President has been exonerated from the whole investigation and Trump is ready to keep moving which is why he slammed Schiff and Nadler for not being satisfied after 2 years of investigation.

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  1. Well since Democrats are against the truth and they know full well that the real Russian Collusion was with HRC, Democrat peers NOT Pres Trump. Arrest them for treason, GITMO for one week then execute all involved. NO MORE kid glove slap on the wrists.

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