Trump Demands Russia Get Out of Venezuela as the Maduro Regime Collapses

On Wednesday, The President said during an Oval Office conference that “Russia needs to get out” of Venezuela after reports said the Kremlin is sending troops to Venezuela to support Maduro.

OVAL OFFICE MEETING: The President sat next to Fabiana Rosales, the first lady of Venezuela and the wife of Interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido.

Guiado, his chief of staff, and his family have been in great danger ever since he became President of Venezuela after being picked by the Venezuelan people to kick Maduro out.

The first lady of Venezuela was invited to the White House by President Trump to speak about the situation going on in Venezuela where Russia is now getting involved to help Maduro.

The President said, “we are with you 100 percent.”

RUSSIA: Two Russian air force planes landed Saturday near Venezuela’s capital Caracas. The planes carried 100 Russian special forces and cybersecurity experts.

Watch the full video at the Oval Office here:

CONCLUSION: The President met with the first lady of Venezuela and said The U.S. is with Venezuela and Guaido 100 percent and Russia needs to get out of there.

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